User Account

Create an account


Creating a user account allows you to save your searches and manage your favorites and labels.

To create a user account, click on in the menu bar on the left and click on “Pas encore de compte” [No account yet].



Fill in a valid email address and a password, and validate.




You can now identify yourself by entering the email address you chose when you registered. You can also connect using your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ login and password.



Managing your personal space


Access your personal space by clicking on the icon in the top left . In your personal space, you can click again on the icon to fill in or modify your personal information.


● Consulting activity history


Click on the “mon fil” [my feed] tab. In this tab, you will find your recent activity and can access your favorites. Click on “vous avez sélectionné cette ressource” [you have selected this resource] above the resource to access the resource itself. Click on the “delete” icon to the right of the resource to delete the favorite. Click on “vous avez sauvegardé cette recherche” [you have saved this research] to access the associated search results. The thread remembers deleted favorites.


● Consulting your favorites


Click on the “ma sélection” [my selection] tab in the top menu. You can access all resources you have selected as favorites, as well as the searches you have saved (see display of results).


The menu on the left “Filtrer” [Filter], classifies your favorites according to their nature. In the filter “Mes favoris” [My favorites], you have access to resources (descriptive note + media). You can also filter the media according to its type. Click on “vous avez sélectionné la ressource” [you have selected the resource] above to access the resource itself. Click on the “delete” icon to the right of the resource to delete the favorite. In the “mes recherches” [my searches] filter, the searches you have bookmarked are kept. By clicking on “recherche” [search] above each result, you can access the search results.



The “Mes tags” [My tags] tab allows you to classify your favorites according to the labels you have assigned (see display of results). These labels also appear in blue under each favorite that has been tagged.