Viewing resources



● Reduced records


When you choose to display the results as a list, the results show a preview of the first image, the title of the record, and the date.



● Summary records


When you click on a result, whatever the display mode, the summary notice will appear on the right. It shows the first five thumbnails and a small black sidebar indicating the number of media linked to this record. Below this preview, the following information will appear: the title, date, format, and place of the document in the filing plan.



From this notice, you can share the resource on social networks and by email , or bookmark it . By clicking directly on the image, you can access the viewer. Access the mosaic of media related to this notice by clicking on the black sidebar, indicating the number of media . From this page, you will be able to bookmark the images you want.

By clicking on “ you can access the complete record.


● Detailed records


From the detailed records, you can see the documents’ location within the collection classification frame, located on the right side of the record. The different levels are clickable and allow you to navigate the sets in a tree view. You can also directly access the viewer by clicking on the thumbnails corresponding to different views.


In the same way as the summary record, you can share the resource on social networks and by email, or bookmark it. The printer icon also allows you to print the record.


To return to the search results, it is recommended that you do not use the back arrow of your browser, but use the button at the top left of your window.



Viewing the media


● Navigating between images


The viewer allows you to navigate between the thumbnails. Several tools are at your disposal to facilitate viewing.


On the left, there is a drop-down menu that offers a list of views. In the center is the viewer itself, which displays the view selected on the drop-down menu. At the bottom is a toolbox that is described below. On the right, there is a series of buttons corresponding to export and backup functionalities.


● Tools


Allows you to zoom in on the image


 Allows you to resize the image according to the size of the window


 Allows you to zoom out


Allows you to rotate the image to the right


Opens a dialog box that allows you to change the brightness, contrast, and to put the image in negative


Allows you to reset the image settings


Allows you to lock the changes you have made


● Exports


The first button opens a “diffuser ce médis” [distribute this media] window, allowing you to retrieve a portion of HTML code to embed the document view (iframe) in a website, forum, or wiki page, by choosing the image size. A clickable link will be automatically established back to Almé.


This button allows you to share the resource on social networks or by email.


Opens a dialog box that allows you to print the current view, all views, or a selection of views.


The last button allows you to download the images to your computer.


Any public use of the documents kept at the BLJD must be authorized in advance. For more information on the conditions for reusing images from the digital library, please consult the Public Servies page (Services au public).


To return to the search results, you must click on the button at the top left of the page.